Monday, 7 October 2013

My Academy Restart to Beta

Hey all, how've you been? Sorry I have been updating this blog as much as I should for all my web discoveries. Been busy with work, y'know? Anyways, something came up.

Several days ago, +Nero Le Morte emailed and chatted with me about him learning on web design and development. Similarly, someone else (I don't remember who you are but if you're reading this, I apologize and please get back to me) who emailed me several months ago requested for the same. So I'm thinking,"Maybe more people are in need to learn some of this for their personal use. Like their own blog or online portfolio or online CV." So I've decided to restart my academy project to become another non-profit academy project.

Setting Up My Web Academy

Edmodo - an Educational Platform to share, collaborate and distribute course materials and manage assignments with students.

I've decided to try using Edmodo again after last year's attempt to use it. Before that, I tried to use in concurrent to my tutoring job in 2006. The problem with Edmodo at the time was that it wasn't very user-friendly and that my students didn't have stable Internet Connection (Curse you, local ISP!!). Even I had trouble using it.

Now in Oct 2013, it looks like Edmodo did very well. I noticed several changes, useful features and maybe even be used to help me get my academy up and running. Though its not definite yet that I'll be using Edmodo forever. I might migrate to Moodle or build my very own e-learning management system.

Going Beta

Just as the blog title mentioned, I'm setting my academy project to Beta. I've already gotten my course plan setted up last year. I guess its high time I should make my course materials up and available for students to use.

The Courses I'm offering my free time

Courses will include:

  • Web Design and Development 101 (Course Code: WDD101)
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • Javascript
    • Sub Courses:
      • Twitter Bootstrap
      • Foundation 4
      • AngularJS
  • CodeIgniter (Course Code: CI)
    • Project based-course to build your very own CMS like Wordpress/Blogspot/Joomla/Drupal/etc
So at the moment, I'll be focusing on the above and maybe, once I get a good foundation, I might expand my web academy further. We'll see how it goes.

If you're interested in joining this course, click here.