Monday, 28 January 2013

Day Thirty Two: And They Still Think I'm A Programmer

This is how I look like when I deal with API. Image courtesy from

Goal 1: Google Maps API is so hard. Now that I'm just playing pinpoint on locations on the map I have to re-study what I've learnt in school about latitudes and longitudes. I used to like Math until I took an arrow to the knee at 45 Degree angle with a velocity of over 9000.

Goal 2: Still working on it. Found a nice little labelling expert script in the MQL community. Elliot Waves labels - MQL4 Code Base The Elliot Wave Strategy isn't always accurate especially when you have to deal with a ranging market (I hate those situations). But if I mix this with Fibonacci, I might pull off a stable expert advisor. So I guess I have 2 idea systems here.

System 1: Ichimoku Kinko Hyo + 2 RSIs (RSI 2 & RSI 12). Determine the price reversals across 30min, 1 hr, 4hr, weekly & monthly, then trade. Usually works with USDJPY but I might back test this with another currency.

System 2: Use Elliot Wave's Concept + Trendline (or an intelligent way of counting bars for highest high + lowest high / lowest low + highest low over a span of #) + Elliot Wave Labelling Expert. Find the breakout (or price reversal), trade and take profit or stop loss.

I'm setting a standard to take profit at 30 pips. I might dabble that afterwards as part of the expert options along with System 2's span #.