Friday, 28 December 2012

Day One: The Prologue

Today, I would like to set a few goals and then see if I actually made money in a span of 1 to 6 months. And here they are:

1. A local product searching website. - This website is all about products from all shops and stores in Brunei. Enabling consumers to find the products conveniently and answering the question "Where is the closest place to buy <Insert Product name>?". Revenue Method will be brainstormed after this is developed and filled via CrowdSourcing. Made a plan over at +Schemer so if anyone is interested in working on this web project, we could split the profits... Somehow.

2. Forex. - This was a big trend in the early year 2000's in Brunei. Thanks to my dad teaching me some of the basics, I know how to use indicators, do manual trading, day scalping, play by the news, forecasting by patterns, etc. Though because its unstable and at a low initial deposit ($1000), the income isn't so great (At most $60 a day, average $180 a week). Now moving into making it into an Expert Advisor but coding it takes a lot of time to make it stable.

3. Commission from online freelancing. - So I have my brother here. He doesn't work, doesn't find a job, doesn't make any money at all. Just eats, sleeps, play games and lives with my parents. So I have decided to work with him as an agent. I find him online contracts, he does the work, I take a small commission. Though his "self-discipline" and "motivation" to work is something to work on. Anyone got any good tips on whipping up a potential employee to have better working habits and changing his childish mindset?

I have several goals in mind but at the moment, I will be focusing on the above stated goals. So basically, its 2 potential passive income and one active income. Would love to work with someone on goal number 1 and 2.