Monday, 22 October 2012

Game Development on Unity 3D with my bro: Part 1

Super Mario 3D Land
Super Mario 3D Land (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The past week, I have been working intensely with my brother to make a game that we always wanted. But we gotta start small.

Unity 3D is quite famous among the game developer's community at

We decided to work on a simple game like Super Mario but in a more 3D like world (reminds me a lot about the Nintendo64 version as its developed). Will probably show some screenshots as we develop.

Introducing Grenade Man!

Where you (the controller of grenade man) have to run through obstacles, reach the goal and EXPLODE! The only catch is, you only have 5 seconds to get there. Each successful bombing will get you to a harder level. Since this is just a practice game development run to a better one, we decided to give it a free download on the Playstation Network. Course, a little fee will incur on my end for doing so (about USD$25 for enlisting to the PSN Store).

A little bit about the game

Game Schema

There are only 10 levels. No saving or continuing the game. Just run for it. Controls are as usual:
  • Directional pad or left analog stick to run around
  • Cross (X) button to jump
  • Start button to pause
Game schematics are quite simple. Played in different scenes and saved as levels. Each successful bombing (or automatically explode when reached the goal) automatically sends you to the next level.

Story Plot

At first there isn't any but we decided to make something anyways.
In the year 2200, after having controlled RC Bomb cars, they decided to have a simple small grenade that is smart enough to run towards its target after pulling the pin. They were later called, Smart Grenades (following after Smart Phones). The soldier only has 5 smart grenades to start with and is ordered by the Super Commander Base to take out high-tech enemy bunkers. This will test the Smart Grenades tactics and auto-recognition of obstacles to reach the designated target... within 5 seconds.

Probably will spruce up that story a bit but at least its a start.

Will later add a short preview of how the game looks and plays like. For now, I'm getting a headache with the javascript which seems to fail on me each time you speak to an NPC (Curse the GUI clipping and compiler errors. Y U NO MAKE SENSE!?)

Till another time.
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