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Skrill No Longer on Ebay

I didn’t see this in my bulk of an inbox email and this one, specifically went into my spam box.

Skrill is no longer available on EBay :(

A long time ago, I had a dream that Bruneians would join the eBay marketplace with the help of Skrill. Now that the payment option is gone, we’re back to a digital auction-less country once again. Sigh.

But that doesn’t mean I am going to give up. I am still on the web adventure to look for an alternative to Skrill as a payment gateway that everyone can enjoy, and still be compliant to earn money and an alternative to make money online. I mean, even this news just showed up today and I don’t know what to make of it for our future younger generation.

Best of luck, I guess.

Most Viewed Writer in Backpack

So I just checked Quora and found a couple of notifications:

I received a couple of quora notifications

Then I found something weird about it but “Backpack”? Must be that question I wrote about what I stuff in my bag daily.

And guess what? I’m 6th of the 10 Most Viewed Writers in Backpack! Woohoo!

I'm ranked 6th of the top 10 Most Viewed Writer for the topic of "Backpack"

I’m ranked 6th of the top 10 Most Viewed Writer for the topic of “Backpack”

The Question

If you are wondering what it was, the question was

What does a programmer need or carry in his or her bookbag?

My Answer

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How do you learn to code?

If you knew me, you would know that I spent some of my time over at Quora and answer questions. I wish I could do the same over at StackOverflow, but hey, I like answering simpler stuff. But the most question I get asked over at Quora was “How do you learn to program or code?” or “Where do you start to learn to build webapps or apps?“, etc.

Each and every time I get asked, I looked for my previous answer that I already answered, copied and pasted into the new question. So, just incase I lost that answer somewhere, I’ll copy it here too.

How do you learn to program or code?

Step 1: Google for resources or documents and courses

Step 2: Practice

Step 3: Help others


Where do you start to learn to build webapps or apps?

There are lots of these resources online. If I were you, start at BentoBox and take up the learning track. Straight forward way of becoming a programmer or coder.



Note: I will update this post to be a much more detailed learning path for everyone to start learning programming or coding.

I saw this bag being reviewed on Youtube. After 5 years of using my standard backpack, I thought of window shopping to find a new one in a year or so. Then I found this perfect little bag called PacSafe Z400. It’s perfect for everything that I need, which includes putting my wallet, my cables, portable wifi, mouse, documents, my tablet and a few other things. Go ahead and watch the video!

Buy Now!

4 Reasons Why You Need A Landing Page

Get a Landing Page for your new business instead of a website!

Websites are cool but they are not the “in” thing at the moment. The advises you might hear from lean startups and businesses is to get a Minimum Viable Product (aka MVP) up and running and get customers as soon as possible. And to achieve this, you would need a landing page. Here are reasons why: Continue reading

How I feel about WebComics

How I feel about webcomics

I love them. I love how creative these comic book artists that publishes them on the web for all to see for free. Especially my favorites are TheOatMeal, XKCD, Least I Could Do, Looking For Group, and my most recent favorite, The Awkward Yeti.

I have always loved these webcomics. Way more varieties as opposed to reading the newspaper funnies. Sure, I still love reading Peanuts, Dilbert and Garfield as opposed to Nancy and the rest of comics, but I feel like their trying too hard to push the punchline.

And then I saw Comic Shuffle. A definite bookmark in my browser to read even more webcomics! -1 for Productivity, +10 to Procrastination, +5 empty spaces in my bookmark webcomics folder.

Comic Shuffle only have 29 comic sites (quality webcomic sites), that I feel like a good start to read through. I’ve been an avid webcomic reader since 2000 and will continue to be.

Webcomics and Graphic Novel that I look forward to

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