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Pingdom detected outage affected websites

Ping Website is a Lively Website

Really? Brunei? Well, I should not be so surprised at this. These things are usually quite common in Brunei.

pingdom outage detected in the past hour

pingdom outage detected in the past hour

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How do you know if your startup idea already exists?

That is a smart

Answer by Carlos Del Carpio:

The founder of Dropbox was pitching in front of an investor one day, and the investor asked him: "there are similar companies out there doing the same as dropbox, why should I invest in just another similar company?"

His reply: "Yes. There are similar companies out there doing the same as dropbox. But do you use any of them?"



"Because they are bad."

"Ok. That's what Dropbox wants to solve."

So bottomline: Ask your potential customers.

Any business idea is a solution to someone's problem out there. Ask them if they are solving it, how they are solving it, and if they would be willing to pay to have it solved.

It doesn't matter if it already exists if it can be done better.

How do you know if your startup idea already exists?

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Axent and Monstercat should go together

Monstercat is Awesome

I have been a fan of +Monstercat‘s publishing works of DJs sound and music work (like¬†+PegboardNerds) since my bro introduced them to me (i.e. I overheard that beat).
Then as I was listening to this awesome music, it made me think of Axent Wear. I mean, take a look at these models! I am putting this on my wishlist since it’s a luxury. Hmmm…

Axent Wear on Indiegogo

Axent Combo Colors
Axent Headset Info
Axent Blue Headset
Axent Red Headset
Axent Green Headset
Axent Purple Headset
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How To Win Friends and Influence People


I never thought of actually be reading on my Android tablet to actually be wanting to read a book. But because of my habit of reading online blogs,magazines and newspapers, this one takes the cake! I first discovered this book from a lifehacker article that has a quote typed out by Dale Carnegie. That quote lead me to find his ebook on Amazon (as depicted in the image above). I got it, downloaded the ebook, read it and it was amazing. I even applied it to my work and the project just seems easier to deal with. Of course, I had to read it over on my Android Tablet Kindle app to make it work.

My personal recommendation of this book: 10/10 in the self-development category

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