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4 Reasons Why You Need A Landing Page

Get a Landing Page for your new business instead of a website!

Websites are cool but they are not the “in” thing at the moment. The advises you might hear from lean startups and businesses is to get a Minimum Viable Product (aka MVP) up and running and get customers as soon as possible. And to achieve this, you would need a landing page. Here are reasons why: Continue reading

How I feel about WebComics

How I feel about webcomics

I love them. I love how creative these comic book artists that publishes them on the web for all to see for free. Especially my favorites are TheOatMeal, XKCD, Least I Could Do, Looking For Group, and my most recent favorite, The Awkward Yeti.

I have always loved these webcomics. Way more varieties as opposed to reading the newspaper funnies. Sure, I still love reading Peanuts, Dilbert and Garfield as opposed to Nancy and the rest of comics, but I feel like their trying too hard to push the punchline.

And then I saw Comic Shuffle. A definite bookmark in my browser to read even more webcomics! -1 for Productivity, +10 to Procrastination, +5 empty spaces in my bookmark webcomics folder.

Comic Shuffle only have 29 comic sites (quality webcomic sites), that I feel like a good start to read through. I’ve been an avid webcomic reader since 2000 and will continue to be.

Webcomics and Graphic Novel that I look forward to

Continue reading

Funny Bruneian Tweets

Went on to my Twitter feed and found this trending. Lots of funny relevant stuff people experience share growing up in Brunei.

Follow #GrowingUpBruneian too

And there’s more if you follow #GrowingUpBruneian (omitting the A) on Twitter.

Who started it?

Any clue? Post it in the comments.

How To Talk To A Programmer

I have a programmer friend once upon a time. It was interesting because the difference between the first time I met him years ago and the day I met him 2 months ago was that I wasn't talking like a programmer. And now I do.

I have a programmer friend once upon a time. It was interesting because the difference between the first time I met him years ago and the day I met him 2 months ago was that I wasn’t talking like a programmer. And now I do.

Liking that smooth Youtube update

I mean, really. Look at that transition! Really smooth and easing of animation.

Awesome Things You Can Do With a VPS (Virtual Private Server)

Earlier, I posted about what a VPS is. Now let me show you what it can do for you other than web development. There is a wide variety of web applications, softwares, bots, and much more. Here areĀ some of the things that you can do with having a VPS and having fun with it! Note: I am talking about Windows VPS, not Linux.

Web Development

Like I said before, a lot of us geeks would use servers for actual web development. As a hobby or for work. We store our files there, we host it, we share files and get more coding work done. We could employ the use of Git but that requires us having our repository uploaded to GitHub. So instead we went with Mercurial, a free open-source alternative to git, and whatever source code we commit, it goes into the VPS as our new web server and host. It’s got versioning, code management and everything!


Be a Hipster and Run Your Own Dropbox

Or any other cloud drives, for that matter. Why have a Dropbox/Google Drive/OneDrive/etc that has limited amount of space and functionality, when you can own a server with even more spaces and features! For this, the better alternative is to use ownCloud. It’s free, it’s easy to set up, no mess, no fuss!


Host a Multiplayer Gaming Server

Ever wanted to play with friendsĀ on a game like Minecraft? That’s what a VPS is for! Have it running 24/7 and let everyone join in a game or two, whenever they like. Setting this up varies in different games, so look up at each of their respective community forums for some technical help. I am sure that someone there is willing to help you set up a gaming server for Minecraft and such, just to get a game on from time to time.

Another alternative is to actually have a real MMO game, provided that you already have a game and geared for MMO connections. And this can get way too technical, attempt at your own risk or be prepared to be flamed!


Automated Robots

There are those types of scripts and bots that requires an ongoing connection and always running 24/7, in order to see its true effectiveness. Like a data scalping script or expert advisor in Forex, or one of those types of bots that automatically click ads on Paid To Click sites (and hopefully still make a lot of money before getting banned). A VPS service allows this, so that we don’t have to keep our home machines running and overheating instead. Also, think about the data quota on the home bandwidth for running this!


Where to get a VPS?

There are plenty online if you do a quick search but my recommendation is with HostWinds. Tip: If you happen to use HostWinds, go ahead and use this coupon “QUICKVPS” to get 25% OFF on any VPS plans.


Got more ideas?

I would love to hear from you on what you do with a VPS. Let me know in the comments!

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