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A while ago, I came across a page about computer science. Google has already mentioned that they normally take in candidates that does have Computer Science degrees. So what hope would there be if a person has no Computer Science degree, let alone afford to enroll into one. Enter the Guide for Technical Development.

Computer Science for Everyone

Computer Science is awesome. You get to learn what a lot of programmers have to understand on how a computer computes what instructed to do. Can you even get a job in the ICT industry without one? Sure you can, but with difficulty. In fact, Computer Science has actually becoming more and more essential to the job requirements than before.

Apparently, Computer Science courses are now available for free over the Internet. Visit https://www.coursera.org/course/cs101 to start learning


Of course, the next step after Computer Science is to take up and learn about a programming language or two. Then, apparently, you would also need to learn about Software Quality Assurance and Testing over at Udacity. Later on, the recommendations also mentioned on a strong understanding on Logic, Maths, Algorithms, Data Structures and plenty more.

The recommendation list on having a solid foundation in Computer Science may seem moderate, but the links and resources it provides are actually pretty huge. In my opinion, for a self-study student, this may take up to a year with moderate pacing to learn up.

Personally, I also find the interesting part about the Computer Science is the Google’s Code Jam module where participants crack the code and may win a prize.

Learn UI and UX from DesignLab

DesignLab -  learn UI and UX design

Learn UI and UX part-time and online

Just recently found an exceptional course on web design and that’s from DesignLab.com. Several months ago, DesignLab was on the betalist for webapps for me to try out. Their beta course was very interesting, teaching online, using a web design editor to design logos, banners, webpages and a few more. However, I stopped visiting because there wasn’t much after that.

Surfing around, I stumbled upon DesignLab again and this time it was talking about learning UI and UX designs. Got my attention with its ads, I looked at the courses and I was amazed at what it can offer.

Foundation Courses at DesignLab's UI and UX Courses

User Experience Design Courses at DesignLab

Interested in getting a job in Web Design or App design?

I totally recommend learning from DesignLab and its intuitive web editor functionality (as opposed to downloading a crack Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop and using it illegally? You betcha!). But you better hurry though, as at the current time of writing, the next course starts on May 22nd (that’s next next Friday). Go sign up!

Google’s Inbox Keyboard Shortcuts

Press Shift+? to see the Google’s Inbox Keyboard Shortcuts. I always love shortcut keys in every program and I try my best to remember each of them when I need to really get things done.

Google's Inbox Keyboard Shortcuts

But what really interests me is, the keyboard shortcuts show using “Ctrl” and this applies to most PCs running on Windows and Linux. But what about those in Macs? How does it decide to show the “Command” key?

My guess is that it uses some sort of metadata to check the, not only the browser but also for the Operating System that the user is using when visiting or using a website or SaaS or webpage.

Using Inline CSS vs Block CSS Displays

I don’t know why but the WordPress Share function at Quora.com doesn’t seem to work. So I’m copying and pasting it here.

Question : How do I add navigation on one side and content on the other?

Details of the Question:

This is my HTML: [HTML] Default – Pastebin.com
This is my CSS: [CSS] DefaultCSS – Pastebin.com

I want my webpage to look similar to this, in which way would I have to change my CSS in order to make it like that? Also, how do I remove the bullet points?

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How can I use marquee tag to display image scroll horizontally instead of vertically?

Answer by Abdul Qoyyuum :

There are 2 ways to fix this problem as far as I know:
1. Don’t use li
All li elements are displayed as a block in its own row and not inline. That’s how lists are supposed to work. Instead, change it to use something else like a span or div instead. Or just the img on its own.
2. Add CSS
You can trick it out by adding the following properties to the li in CSS like so:

li {
 float: left;
 display: inline;

How can I use marquee tag to display image scroll horizontally instead of vertically?

How do I create my own marketplace? Which tools do I need to use (code, database, etc.)?

Answer by Abdul Qoyyuum Haji Abdul Kadir:

There are, from where I am sitting at this question, 2 ways to approach this:

The Easy Way – Using any established CMS platform and then just install a marketplace component or a published marketplace script available and install that. It's just a matter of sourcing which platform or script match your needs.

Easy Way of Doing it

  1. Install WordPress
  2. Install a Marketplace Plugin
  3. Configure the settings
  4. Run


  1. Install Joomla
  2. Install a Marketplace Plugin
  3. Configure the settings
  4. Run

Etc if you look at other platforms

The Hard Way – Develop everything from scratch using any form of language as your base. My preference is using HTML5 + CSS Library (Twitter Bootstrap) + AngularJS + FireBase.

Hard Way of Doing it

  1. Where HTML5 structures and markup where things should be.
  2. Twitter Bootstrap helps with the easy styling (at first, I would keep everything to default color scheme and then later, tweak the design to meet the functions).
  3. AngularJS to create the interactivity – i.e. Create new product entry, create a chat channel, add sellers account, add buyers account, etc.
  4. Firebase would be my preferred database as a developer.

How do I create my own marketplace? Which tools do I need to use (code, database, etc.)?

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